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Network Scouts

18- 25 years old? Find Out More About Scout Networks

What does The Tom Moore Stevenage Network do exactly?

Put simply, anything they want! Tom Moore Stevenage Network is involved in activities as wide ranging as walking, climbing, camping, activity days, working with young people and helping with local community projects. The list of potential activities, projects and events is almost endless. You can also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as Scout Awards such as your Queen’s Scout Award.  Some of our members are holders of these awards so can advise first hand.

How do I join Tom Moore Stevenage Network?

If you are aged between 18-25 and a member of Scouting, you are already a Network Member! Your Scouting profile is automatically updated to enrol you as a member of Stevenage Network and the National Network.

A lot of our Network members are also Leaders, Assistants or part of Stevenage Scout Active Support and use Network as an opportunity to do more Scouting with their peers.

What if I am not a member of Scouting already?

If you are not a member of Scouting already contact the email address below and we can sign you up. It a quick process and you can start your Scout adventure with us.

Where does Tom Moore Stevenage Network Meet?

Scout Networks meet on a flexible basis to suit their members. We do not generally have a set meeting night or place. We go where the activity takes us. This could be local in Stevenage or meeting up with other Networks from around the County.

What is the next step?

The best thing to do is to stay in touch via Facebook and Email. Join our Facebook group to contact other members and find out when our events are running. Pick an event that you are interested in and come along. We can give you all the further details once you decide Network is for you.

Facebook – Search “Tom Moore Stevenage Network”

Email – network@stevenagescouting.org


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