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Scout Night Hike 2017

Saturday 25th November 2017

Lannock Farm Weston

The annual District Night Hike and First Aid Competition takes place during the late Autumn. Teams of between 4 and 7 Scouts, take up the challenge of navigating their way through approximately 10 miles of Hertfordshire countryside by foot.

Walking is broken up by a series of `incident bases', ranging from dealing with a first aid scenario to lighting a small fire to burn through a string line, half a metre from the ground! to mention just two. See the pictures above for more examples!

For those who like the competitive element, there are trophies for the fastest walking time, the highest score on the incident bases and an overall Night Hike trophy. A trophy will also be awarded to the team gaining the highest score on the First Aid Base

Download the final team information letter

Download the parents letter

Download the health form (to be completed by all participants)

Download the entry form (Scout Leader use only)

Click here to e-mail Neil if you have any questions on this event

2016 Results


Overall Winner: 2nd Datchworth Scouts (Cobras)
Fastest Walking Time: 2nd Datchworth Scouts (Cobras)
Night Manoeuvres (Bases): 2nd Datchworth Scouts (Cobras)
First Aid Competition: 5th Steveange Fifth Flyers


Fastest Walking Time: Falcons ESU - Dora the Explorers
Night Manoeuvres (Bases): Falcons ESU - Dora the Explorers
First Aid Competition: Falcons ESU - Falcons ESU - Dora the Explorers

View the detailed results sheet from the 2016 Night Hike & First Aid competition

View the photos from the 2016 Night Hike around the Datchworth area